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Access to the Trail

  • The section from Newark via Winthorpe and Langford Lowfield is part of National Cycle Route 64 which links Newark with Lincoln .This is suitable for cycling and walking . Between Winthorpe and junction of Holme Lane with the track to Langford Lowfield the route follows minor roads.


  • The latest section from Collingham going north along Northcroft Lane has been designed to be accessible for all ages, abilities and weathers. This section is a Byway and so can be used by horses and vehicles . Parents and carers with young children and/or disabilities need to be aware of this.


  • The section through the Notts Wildlife Trust land that skirts Mons Pool to link Northcroft Lane with the car park for the NWT reserve is a footpath with permissive access for cyclists. Again it has been designed to be accessible to all ages, abilities and weathers.


  • Please note that horses and motorised vehicles are not allowed on this section which includes two large kissing gates (accessible by cycles) to assist with stock control of sheep grazing.


  • People using a wheelchair can use the RADAR gates to avoid manoeuvring through the kissing gate.


  • The access road to the NWT car park is currently unsuitable for wheelchairs due to the number of pot holes. It is hoped that this section can be improved in the near future. Its status is a footpath with permissive access for cycles.


  • The section along Trent Lane from the end of the NWT access road up to Besthorpe is a Byway which has some pot holes but is ok for cycling and pushchairs. Wheelchair users are advised to check the surface before proceeding along here.

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