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Over the past 20 years we have seen a lot of development on the eastern side of the river Trent around the Collingham. With the availability of minerals in the ground companies like Tarmac are actively excavating the land. As part of their planning applications they have agreed to invest considerable amounts of money to turn the areas where they are working into areas of wetland. The RSPB and the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust are providing direction to deliver ultimately an area of outstanding beauty. 


In 2010 a group of organisations received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to create the Trent Vale Landscape Partnership ( It was a three year project with the aim to conserve, enhance and celebrate the unique landscape of a section of the River Trent around Collingham, Nottinghamshire. 


The project considered the impact and remedial action required following the extensive quarrying for natural resources. Since that time, a number of charities have been working extremely well together with a common objective to create an amazing wetland and wildlife area and support the local economy on the far eastern and often forgotten end of Nottinghamshire. 

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