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As part of the project a group of volunteers will work with the local community to set up a Greener Greenways project, which will survey, protect and enhance biodiversity along the proposed route. Knowing what habitats are present along a route, what condition they are in and what species they support will help us to understand what the wider area has to offer.

We will draw on the local community to consider how they will record and share ecological information they gather and we see this initiative as a critical part of our success. They will be shown a tool called iRecord (, which is a simple online tool for capturing ecological records.

The ecology group will also be looking at ways to enhance the area by installing bird & bat boxes, hedgehog homes, seeding wildflowers or whatever the group decides to do. The list is really endless and open to any idea’s that will enhance the route.

With the ongoing local development of turning farm land into protected nature areas, the project will ensure that not just the local community and schools will benefit from the work done, but it is made accessible to anybody or any group who visits the area.

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