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Future Plans

To achieve completion of the TVT, volunteers are underway with further fund raising. The Friends of Trent Vale Trail committee continue to work with local, regional and national organisations and interested groups, to further improve access for walkers, cyclists, the less-abled and sports lovers to deliver good quality and safe routes. They are also working closely with Nottinghamshire County Council, Sustrans, local land owners and local parish councils, surveying and planning an improved route to take full advantage of existing pathways and routes which criss-cross this beautiful nature area. The Trent Vale Trail has many challenges and opportunities; however with your help we can deliver the route, build or improve features such as bridges, enhance the natural environment, and put in place safety and signage.  These actions will improve access and appreciation of the unique Trent Vale area for all.

Trent Vale Trail vision

Following the successful implementation of the Newark to Collingham trail in 2003, this project is delivering the next phase creating a high quality multi-user trail connecting Collingham with the visitor attractions and villages along the Trent Vale. The trail is suitable for all ages and abilities and enables local trips to be made without reliance on motor transport. It will expand rural leisure and tourism opportunities. It will leave a long lasting legacy for this rural community.

There are three groups who benefit from opening up the countryside:

  1. Local leisure activities (3 mile radius): Local residents who go out for regular trips for things like family walks, dog walking, cycling, running and other routine activities

  2. Tourism (15 mile radius): People who visit the area to enjoy the countryside, visit the nature reserves, birdwatching etc

  3. Local business including the pubs and restaurants who directly benefit from the Green Tourism.


Once the full route has been built, we will expect to see a far greater catchment area. The Trent Vale will be recognised as an area of natural beauty and wildlife. With both the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and RSPB creating new wetland areas the area is developing rapidly, creating new Green Tourism opportunities.

RSBP vision

In 2015 the RSPB, in partnership with Nature After Minerals, published their vision: 

“The Trent and Tame River Valleys will once again be one of the great British wetlands, providing a wetland artery for wildlife in an attractive, multi-functional and inspiring landscape loved and valued by all.”

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