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Work commences on Besthorpe to Girton phase


Work is now underway improving the surface of the Trail along a section of the Fleet where it joins Tinkers Lane. This will provide better access to wheelchair users and for everybody in wet weather.

Repairs completed on Northcroft Lane and Carlton Ferry Lane after Flood damage

We are pleased to confirm that following the completion of repairs to the flood damage on Carlton Ferry Lane that Trail route on Northcroft Lane has now also been repaired from the damage it suffered whilst being used as an alternative vehicular route to access properties on Carlton Ferry Lane and fishing points on the River Trent. We would ask that vehicle stop using Northcroft Lane to avoid the surface being degraded.

New information Boards now installed

New information boards have now been installed on Northcroft Lane and at Besthorpe Nature Reserve. Many thanks to local artist Mike Warren for the artwork and to Chris Connell for sorting the map and design layout and to Collingham's Men in Sheds for their excellent work on constructing the stand and installing the boards for us.

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Info Sign at NortcroftLa.jpg

Update on Carlton Ferry Lane Flood damage (10 May 2021)

The latest information from Notts County Council about the progress on the repair work...

Dear Mr Hudson,


I understand that you have spoken to Councillor Dobson about this matter and you will be placing this information on your website as soon as is possible


I am writing to provide you with an update about part of the Trent Vale Trail, including Northcroft Lane, which is being used as a diversion route for Carlton Ferry Lane.


The County Council recognises that this route was never intended for regular use by motor vehicles however, the recent flooding event which occurred on the 19th of January 2021  washed away a section of Carlton Ferry Lane away making it impassable.


The photo below provides some indication of the damage which occurred.

Carlton Ferry La flood.jpg

As a consequence of these events Nottinghamshire County Council has closed the damaged section of road in the interests of public safety.


There are several properties located beyond the road closure which still require access and the only feasible route to them is via several un-tarmacked byways, one of which is the affected section of the Trent Vale Trail. The County Council has undertaken works to make this route safe for the passage of motor vehicles and regular inspections are being carried out to ensure this remains the case.


Users of the Trail should be aware that they encounter motor vehicles which are using the route on a temporary basis so extra care should be taken.


I would like to reassure you that these repairs are a priority for the County Council and that although we were not able to commence our investigations immediately, because it was necessary to pump out  many hundreds of thousands of gallons of flood water, the survey works are now complete and we are in the process of producing a detailed design.


At present the repairs are programmed to take place as soon as possible, it will be necessary to complete any amendments which have arisen as a result of the topographical survey, mobilise for the works and notify the Environment Agency of the proposed works.


The diversion route currently being used will remain in place until the works are complete (A1133 etc. between Collingham and Best Thorpe entrance to the Tarmac Quarry and onto Northcroft Lane) after which time these byways will be reinstated back to their original condition.


When the works to Carlton Ferry Lane are complete the Trent Vale Trial will be reinstated to its original condition.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you wish to discuss this matter further, my contact details are below.


Martin Carnaffin


Contract Manager

Environment & Highways

Notts CC sig logo.jpg

New artwork for Notice Boards


We are very pleased to report that Mike Warren, a well-known and respected artist from Collingham, has agreed to produce a piece of commissioned artwork for the trail to be displayed on notice boards which are being developed for each end of the section from Collingham to Besthorpe. We are pleased that this project will help to spread the word about the quality of Mike’s work.

MikeWarren artwork_web.jpg

Trail now open between Collingham and Besthorpe


Although the Grand Opening planned for 4th April has had to be postponed, the trail is open for use.  Indeed it is being very well used by people of all ages and abilities which was our original aim.

There is still some tidying up work to be done and improvement are planned to the Besthorpe Reserve access road but this, information boards and  the installation of TVT signs will have to await the end of the current lock down.

In the meantime if you can get outside for a dose of exercise, the trail is ready for you to use.

Please note the ‘Access’ section under The Route especially if you are visiting with a wheelchair when a RADAR key would make it much easier to negotiate the two kissing gates in the NWT Reserve section.

We’d love to have your feedback if you’ve used the trail.  Comments and suggestions are welcome under the ‘Contact Us’ section.

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Construction work on the Phase 2a - Collingham to Besthorpe is now underway


We are pleased to announce that following successful fundraising work on the Trent Vale Trail linking Collingham to Besthorpe via  Northcroft Lane and then onto a new track  being built through Besthorpe Reserve then onto Trent Lane and in to Besthorpe village.

02-Oct-19 Northcroft Lane progress 1.jpg
02-Oct-19 Northcroft Lane meets quarry e
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