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The Route

Phase 1: Linking Newark with Collingham (Complete)


It is over 15 years now since the development of the Collingham to Newark route. During this time there has been a steady increase of the use of this path. The opening of new attractions like the Langford Lowfields RSPB centre has brought people into the area which ultimately will support local businesses.

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Trent Vale Trail Phase 1 Route map

Phase 2: Collingham to Fledborough Viaduct & North Clifton (In progress)

Building on the success of the first phase, a group of volunteers are now working hard to open up the countryside between Collingham, Fledborough Viaduct and North Clifton.  The villages along this route are very much cut off from the main service town of Collingham, with its doctors, dentists, supermarkets, train station, school etc. There is a very limited bus service connecting these places. The trail will enable direct access without reliance on a car. It will be providing access to the many places of interest along this trail for locals and people visiting this beautiful nature area.

Stage 2a - Collingham to Besthorpe (Opened Spring 2020)


The support for this initiative has been overwhelming from the local community, the Parish, District and County Councils and local businesses. A large grant from LEADER (EU funding supporting the development of rural communities) has helped to deliver the first stage to Besthorpe.

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Trent Vale Trail Phase 2A map

Stage 2b - Besthorpe to Girton


The project team are currently working on looking at the best way to link up Besthorpe, Girton and Spalford creating a link with the Besthorpe Nature Reserve, the sailing club and the fishing lake. The objective is again to make it as accessible as possible for all without having to use the busy A1133.

See Latest News for updates on the progress of this phase

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Trent Vale Trail Phase 2B map

Stage 2c - Girton to South Clifton & Fledborough Viaduct

The northern part of our proposed route from Spalford to the Cliftons and Fledborough Viaduct is in very early stages of planning and the Friends of Trent Vale Trail are looking for suggestions how they can make the most out of this part of the route. Suggestions have been made that this part should be open to horse riders. 

Ordnance Survey Maps reproduced in association with Collingham Parish Council, licence number 100056274

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