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On-line User Survey - Oct 2020

We conducted an on-line survey in October 2020 to gather peoples views on their experience of using the Trent Vale Trail and in partcluar the latest section from Collingham to Besthorpe and we had 110 responses which was really great considering the short period over which the survey was conducted.

For a full summary of the responses please click here for the report.

    • The Friends of the Trent Vale Trail would like to thank you for taking the time to respond to our google survey carried out over the last weekend in October.

    • It is encouraging that the overwhelming majority of responses were positive and appreciative – 86.4% of you considered it to be ‘an excellent facility for leisure activity’.

    • We have considered the most common suggestions for improvements and our responses are below:

A lot of work has been done with landowners, interested parties and potential contractors to extend the route northwards to Girton, South Clifton and on to the Dukeries Trail.  We do have outline agreements for the route from Girton to South Clifton.  Currently we are submitting bids for funding. Any suggestions for contacting potential donors and/or fund raising events would be much appreciated. 

The two bridle gates and two kissing gates are a requirement of the agreement with Notts Wildlife Trust to take the trial through the reserve which is a protected area for wildlife.  They also help to control the sheep which graze there for periods. The two kissing gates are RADAR gates enabling easy access for people with disabilities who have a RADAR key.

Since the survey was carried out two benches have been installed on the section through the reserve which have been paid for by the Friends.  The spaces at the side are to allow for parking of wheelchairs.  Further benches will be considered for Northcroft Lane if we have the necessary funds in place.

Access to Besthorpe Reserve car park
The access road and car park is private and owned by NWT so again it’s a question of funds being available for any further improvements.  The actual car park cannot be extended without encroaching on the meadows which are protected as an SSSI.  Trent Lane is a county council road from Besthorpe as far as the dog bin at the junction with Ashpit Lane.  Ownership of the section beyond that, we understand, is uncertain.   

Car park in Besthorpe village
There is a good public car park in Besthorpe next to the playground on Old School Lane, just off the A1133.

Signage and publicity
The new green signs have been erected between Collingham and Besthorpe should help with this – especially now that the one at the end of Carlton Ferry Lane now points the right way!  We are in the process of developing information boards to be placed at either end of the trail which will include maps, original art and information about the area.  We would also like to add more to the website so that contains more information about the area, its facilities and its history.  Suggestions and offers of help are welcome.

Dog poo  
Users of the trail are asked to clean up after their dogs and take the poo bags home. The same applies of course to litter. The reason that dog bins cannot be provided is that there is no access for the vehicles. Several local residents look out for any litter that is abandoned and collect it or report it.  Overall we have not had many reports of a litter problem apart from one issue of fly tipping.   If you do see litter, please report it to NSDC.  

Horse riders can use Northcroft Lane but the section through the NWT Reserve is for walkers and cyclists only, this being a condition of the agreement with the NWT.  (As regards the section from Girton to South Clifton it is proposed that this will be a bridleway making it accessible to horse riders as well as walkers and cyclists.)

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